What's in the box?

Due to the multiple different units made by Sun-Mar, there is some variance between what is included with a new composting toilet.

Generally speaking, when purchasing a new composting toilet, the following will be included:

  • Approximately 10 ft. of venting (2” for electric, 4” for non-electric)
  • Diffuser (4” for electric, 6” for non-electric
  • Approximately 8 ft. of safety drain pipe (Except in electric Excel, and Compact)
  • Warranty card
  • Compost Sure (Blue or Green)
  • Hardware kit, containing the necessary elbows and couplings for venting, as well as a sample bottle of Compost Quick and a starter packet of Microbe Mix
  • Footrest for self-contained units, excluding the Compact
  • Owner's Manual

The GTG, however, comes with a slightly different installation kit due to it intended simplistic design. 

  • Owner's Manual
  • Hardware Kit - Floor Brackets, Floor Bracket Bolts, Floor Bracket Screws
  • Compost Magic
  • 110v/240v AC to 12V DC Power Supply