Low-Flush Toilets

Sun-Mar offers a selection of 1 pint low-flush toilets for use with the Centrex 1000, 2000, and 3000 series central composting units. Designed to use one pint per flush, these ultra low flush toilets provide all the advantages of a flush toilet while minimizing water usage. They are ideal for use with Sun-Mar Central Composting Systems.

The 510+ 1 pint flush toilet has a conventional sized toilet seat. In some instances, extra height is needed to allow the toilet to gravity feed to the composting unit. For these installations, the 511+ is offered. The 511+ is a low profile, 1 pint flush toilet with a 10″ seat height.

The 510+ is available in white or bone color, while the 511+ is only available in white. The 510 Plus comes complete except for the required 3″ four (4) bolt floor flange.

Measurements are given in pounds (lbs) and inches. 

Unit Weight: 45 lbs (20.41kg)
Height to the top of the seat: 17 1/8” (435 mm)
Total Height: 18 ¾” (476mm)
Unit Depth: 20 ½” (521mm)
Unit Width: 15 ¼” (387mm)

                            510 low-flush toilet511 low-flush toilet