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Sun-Mar toilets help kids attending Tim Horton Children’s Foundation Camps learn about environmental sustainability and recycling back to nature

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Sun-Mar's composting toilets hop aboard HI-SEAS' mission to Mars

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Sun-Mar toilets help bridge the divide between old world setting and new age technologies with LEED certified green restroom

Sun-Mar's composting toilets used by Clayoquot Wilderness Resort - winner of Condé Nast Johansens luxury travel guide 2012 Awards for Excellence - Most Excellent Eco Resort (USA & Canada)

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Wilderness Tours and Sun-Mar composting toilets join forces alongside the mighty Ottawa River

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Sun-Mar toilets help FarmStart to grow a new crop of next generation farmers across Canada

Sun-Mar’s composting toilets to be used at oil and gas sites throughout Canada

Sun-Mar toilets help travelers to explore world heritage site in harmony with nature in Chilean Patagonia, South America

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Sun-Mar composting toilets fill a vital gap for distributor of septic systems and portable washrooms

The Margaret and Luke Pettit Environmental Preserve and Sun-Mar help foster a new generation of conservationists by educating students using practical environmental concepts

Sun-Mar's composting toilets help to maintain the natural beauty in Schuetzen Park

Harmony Outdoor Inn chooses Sun-Mar composting toilets as an alternative to outhouses.

The 'Tiny House Movement' has a large presence in Quebec's Domaine Floravie

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Silver Lake Nature Center's Earthship Teaches Sustainability with Sun-Mar Composting Toilet

Free Spirit Spheres Choose Sun-Mar Toilets For Their Tranquil Resort

Eco-Tourism Resorts

Eco-Resorts promote tourism with a minimal impact on the environment. Many eco-resorts also feature guided interactions with local wildlife and vegetation, so that visitors can fully appreciate the environment that they are helping to preserve.The organizations linked at left are both Sun-Mar customers and Eco-Tourism Resorts. All look like beautiful and environmentally conscious ways to "get away". We hope that you will visit them. Tiger Point Resort
Ecolodge Rendez-Vous SABA
see also Ecolodge SABA's customer testimonial by clicking here
Birch Pond Lodge
see also Birch Pond Lodge's customer testimonial by clicking here

Hunting & Fishing Lodges

Hunting and fishing lodges have been using Sun-Mar units for quite some time. The reason? They do not wish to pollute the very water that gives them their livelihood with an aging drainfield. The effects from septic drainfields can easily change the entire ecosystem of a lake over the course of a half-century. Please visit our customers to the left and see what kind of catches you can get from a cleaner lake.

The Bed & Breakfasts that are listed at right offer an ecologically sound and charming way to spend the night.
Cedar House Inn & Yurt Cabins
Ventana Windsurf
Hilltop Pastures
Harrison River Retreat
Builders - Residential and Recreational properties

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If you are a Sun-Mar commercial customer or own or operate an eco-tourism resort, hunting & fishing lodge, bed and breakfast, or any other tourist-related business, e-mail us and we will put a link up to your website!