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Our customers agree...

Our customers speak for themselves.  Over 150 testimonials on site, written by real customers, with minimal editing by Sun-Mar.


Nancy Steiger

Had we had a dissatisfactory experience with the product, I can assure you, I would not have bought another!! We look forward to 15 more years of happy composting with our ecologically sound Excel toilet system.

Barbara Curran

It looks good and everyone can use it without a problem. It has serviced a large group (12) on a given day and is odorless. We are so glad we found this system, otherwise we would not have purchased our "get-a-way".

Jim Cooper

Thanks to the Sun-Mar Excel unit I was able to obtain a sewage permit and begin construction on our cabin in the Alleghany National Forest. The Excel model was approved as an alternative to a septic system. We have used the Excel model for four years and are very satisfied with its performance.

Jacquelyn Morgan

We think of you as friends for your creative marketing style, your superb product and personable sales staff.



Bob Halver

We are very pleased with our Compact which is easy to use, very sanitary, no odors and very attractive.

Julie Wyatt

I had an opportunity to install the system of my choice: a composting toilet. It is an environmentally sound choice, and it "works" when we're out of power and/or water.

Louise Perkins

We installed the Compact after struggling without success with another composting toilet for many years. The Compact is used daily for 4-6 weeks each summer and then for occasional weekend use the rest of the year. It works wonderfully!

James Mauger

The Sun-Mar Compact is the best investment we ever made - and at a fraction of the cost of a well and septic system. Using the bathroom at night no longer involves shoes, coat, and a flashlight! Compact Composting Toilet.

H.R. White

The Sun-Mar works well and avoided the necessity of installing a second septic system. The small stool makes it easier for the grandchildren to use the Sun-Mar, but we all use it.



Gred & Karen Miels

Our experience with our Sun-Mar non-electric composting toilet has been nothing but positive. What a great idea! We would & do recommend this system to anyone who needs an alternative to the conventional septic system.

Deidre Billes

I am very satisfied with the performance of the units and I like the fact that my toilet facilities are never going to destroy my business' most precious resource - nature!

Linda Ochs

One of the features I like about the Sun-Mar non-electric unit is the fact that it uses no electricity or water which saves hundreds of thousands of gallons of water as well as no additional electrical loads. Our house runs on solar power for electricity so this is an important feature.

Edward Hand

We've had our Sun-Mar Excel-NE just over a year and are very pleased with the results - no mess, no smell, and much more pleasant than the "outhouse".

Betty Beange

My son & I built a camp in May 2000. Water was not available, so we heard about Sun-Mar composting toilets. We then got some information and purchased the Excel NE in August 2000 and have never regretted it. It works like a charm.




M & G Arason

Being an island cottage owner, the Centrex 2000 works great. We have had it in operation for 2 summers now and the system has worked extremely well. We have absolutely no regrets! We have recommended the system & now there are several more installed on our island.

Russ & Heather Bencharski

We installed the Centrex 2000 last summer in our cottage in Minaki, ON. Over the years we tried propane and chemical toilets and neither worked. We are so pleased with the composting toilet. It is great.

Pat & Mary Madaleno

We are really pleased with our compost toilet. (We have the one pint flush). Easy to install, very little maintenance and no problems so far. The township inspector gave it the "thumbs up" as well.

We would recommend it to anyone.

Bill MacGregor

We are thrilled with our Centrex 2000. As our cottage is built on rock, a septic system would have been very expensive. The Sun-Mar system is much more affordable and environmentally friendly, which is important to us.

Pete & Carol Radcliff

Thanks, Sun-Mar, for helping us save water, keeping our septic field a "grey-water" system, and giving us a sense of helping the environment. Our little part in saving an incredible 1.6 billion gallons of fresh water with other Sun-Mar users everywhere.



C.K. Isenberg

We really are happy with the "purring" fan to ventilate and clean lines and "NO PUMP OUTS - EVER!!" EXCELLENT!

Ed & Wendi Lutz

Friends are always fascinated when they first see the composter. It certainly provokes thoughts on solutions for the need to conserve water here in the arid West.

Michael Fedor

We use it 4-5 weeks at a time so far and have been pleased with performance.

Mike Wise

Since we were moving to the Florida Keys in our boat, we decided to install an Sun-Mar composting toilet. We knew that all the Keys would eventually become a no discharge zone. An added bonus is no pump out fees. We never regret our choice to do away with the marine head. Composting just makes sense.