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This procedure is designed to keep the compost:

  • Moist, But Not Too Wet
  • Well Aerated & Mixed
  • Well Balanced and AerobiC



1 cupful (or 2 handfuls) of Sun-Mar Compost Sure (or 50/50 mixture of peat moss and non-cedar wood shavings) to the Bio-Drum after every bowel movement. This usually represents one cupful per person per day of use.

If you have a central unit, peat mix only needs to be added when you do your rotations at the end of the weekend (cottage use) or once every 2nd day (residential/weekly use).


  • Maintains the carbon/nitrogen balance
  • Absorbs Liquid
  • Helps oxygen penetrate for aerobic composting

Turn Handle...

to rotate the drum 4-6 complete revolutions, three times a week when in use, or, if used only at weekends, only on departure.


  • Mixes and oxygenates the compost



the unit if you are leaving for a period of more than a few days. If you are leaving one weekend and coming back the next, you may unplug the unit.

Consider installing a timer to shut the unit off after 48 hours to evaporate excess liquid. If you are leaving for a period of more than few days, or the compost appears dry, add approximately 1/2 gallon of warm water before leaving to keep the compost moist.


  • unplugging unit will conserve power and keep compost from drying.
  • addition of water helps keep the compost moist



some compost into the finishing drawer when the drum is 1/2 to 2/3 full. It is 2/3 full when the compost reaches a level about 2-3 inches below the drum door when the door is open.
To empty some compost into the drawer, pull the drum locker button and rotate the handle counter-clockwise (to turn the drum clockwise). Turn at the same speed you would normally do for mixing.
If necessary, use the rake to level the compost in the drawer. If there is not enough compost in the drawer, turn the drum backwards (clockwise) again 1 rotation.

Leave the compost in the finishing drawer to finish for 3-4 weeks or until you next need to remove compost from the drum.

If your unit is used seasonally and is not used heavily, you may not have to remove any compost at all during the season. If so, follow "Annual Startup".


  • Moves some compost to the next stage for finishing
  • Ensures that the drum does not get too full
  • Provides Extra Time for composting to be completed.