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A Note On “Handbooks” and “Guides” To Composting Toilets

These books and guides explain the general operation of composting toilets well. However, some of the recommendations contained in these books do not work in a Sun-Mar unit, and in limited cases some of the recommendations may be harmful to a Sun-Mar unit. If you would like to try some of the recommendations contained in these books, please contact us first to make sure that it will work. Remember that the authors of these books are not going to go to the trouble of qualifying each line with “but not in a Sun-Mar”, and will make broad-based generalizations that apply to more than one model.

If you have questions about the operation of your Sun-Mar, we always encourage you to e-mail us or call us directly. The only literature you need to properly operate your Sun-Mar composting toilet system is an up-to-date owner’s manual; if you do not have one, than click here and fill in your e-mail address to get one e-mailed to you at no charge (don't forget your e-mail address). While there is nothing wrong with reading these books for informational purposes, when it comes down to the actual operation of your unit, your Sun-Mar owner’s manual and Sun-Mar’s service department are the only sources that are reliable.