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Sun-Mar On the web

Green Building Project in Ontario
This very attractive website - and home - showcases a variety of green building materials, including Sun-Mar Composting Toilets. Very nice photo of a Compact!

Green Home In New Brunswick
Very informative article on a lovely energy efficient home built in New Brunswick.

Adeline - Boat For Sale
A beautiful boat with great pictures of the Sun-Mar composting head

Lutherlyn Toilet Tour - Featuring Sun-Mar
This toilet tour will take you to places that you dared not venture before. Live the excitement.

Cruising With a Sun-Mar - The Real Poop
Want to know what it is really like to use a Sun-Mar on a boat without excessive
marketing verbiage on our behalf? Here it is. See also the article from "DIY Boat Builder" in our Articles section if this piques your interest.

Cottage Life on a Remote Canadian Island
How to handle gravity-fed water tanks, reading, and relaxing. It's tough but these guys have managed to stick it out. We salute them.

Another Boat with a Sun-Mar! They're everywhere...
Very informative site for someone who is interested in building their own boat. Goes through every detail of what was added to the boat and the process.

The Process of Building a Sun-Mar Biffy - A Pictorial Review
Ever wondered how to build the surrounding outhouse for a Sun-Mar (if you want it in an outhouse and not your bathroom, that is...)? Here is the story in pictures.

Rainwater Catchment System on a New Home
Yet another extremely informative green building article, this one focusing on a rainwater catchment system for re-use in a new home.

Jaguar Creek Field Station - Technical Report
This retreat and environmental research centre uses Sun-Mar Composting toilets and talks a bit about them on this page.

Black's Bay Lodge, Manitoulin Island, Ontario
Want to get away for a while and see a Sun-Mar in operation? Take it from us, Manitoulin Island is absolutely stunning.