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The Only Self-Contained Composting Toilet to Be Listed With NSF Standard 41-1999

NSF/ANSI Standard 41 is the composting toilet standard in North America, and is the toughest standard of its kind in the world.

In 1989, the Sun-Mar Excel was the first product ever to be listed by NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) under this Standard. Today, the Excel (self-contained unit) and all 15 Sun-Mar central units are the only products to be tested and certified under the residential and/or cottage categories.

Products are only certified by NSF after an exhaustive 6 month test, backed up by satisfactory experience in the field, which requires amongst many requirements that there is to be no odor, even during overload testing, and the compost produced has to contain extremely low levels of fecal coliform.

Click here to see the official NSF listings under Standard 41, from NSF's website.

Only products certified and listed by NSF may bear the NSF mark, which is required by many regulatory bodies to prove that the unit does indeed meet the NSF standard. Sun-Mar products are alone in being able to bear the NSF Mark as being certified for cottage and residential use.

Massachusetts Approval - Title 5

This approval is necessary in the state of Massachusetts on top of NSF Standard 41-1999 certification in order for composting toilets to be installed in Massachusetts.

To qualify, the company's products must first be certified to NSF Standard 41-1999, and submit to further review from the State of Massachusetts.

United States Coast Guard Approved

Approval# 159.015/1081/0

The Sun-Mar Mobile Family were the first composting toilets recognized as a Type III MSD by the USCG. Copy of United States Coast Guard

Sun-Mar Composting Toilet Systems are CSA certified for electrical features under CSA file number LR55925



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