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The Globe and Mail - Canadian National Newspaper
"The Vacationist" - 2005

Journalist Ian Brown describes various cottage toilet technologies, the former Governor General calls herself an evangelist for our product, and we are called the "paragon of the industry". It really doesn't get much better than this.

Official Version (You have to pay to read it)
Unofficial Version (Copy on another website)


The Globe and Mail - Canadian National Newspaper
"This Toilet is On A Roll" - 2005

Article that followed specifically on our company a week after the article mentioned above. Please note that you do have to pay (The Globe and Mail) to read it.
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National Small Flows Quarterly
"Skaneateles Lake Watershed Composting Toilet Project"

August 2004 -National Small Flows Quarterly publishes a Juried Article on the Skaneateles Lake Watershed Composting Toilet Project.

This article is a report on the Project by one of the Public Health Sanitarians for the City of Syracuse that was actively involved in the project. It is an impartial look at implementing composting toilets on a municipal level. We have devoted an area of our website to this project - click here to read more about it.

National Small Flows Quarterly is a magazine produced by the National Small Flows Clearinghouse (NSFC). This is a nonprofit organization that assists small communities with their wastewater-related needs.

The NSFC helps homeowners, local and state government officials, renters, bankers, citizens' groups, regulators, research scientists, educators, consultants, manufactureres, operators, contractors, and other professionals. Their web site also hosts discussion groups on wastewater issues and provides information about conferences and events across the country.
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"Septic Solutions - Composting Toilets"
Home@Home Magazine

Article from Home@Home Magazine, Spring 2008
Magazine Distributed by Home Hardware, Canadian National Chain Store Dealer of Sun-Mar Products
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"When Nature Calls"
CottageLink Magazine

This article describes briefly what our toilets are all about.
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"Head of A Different Blend"
DIY Boat Owner

This article is reprinted from the 1999-#2 issue of DIY boat owner, the Marine Maintenance Magazine. Visit DIY ONLINE at www.diy-boat.com.
Authors: David & Zora Aitken
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Living Aboard Magazine
"Zero Discharge Toilet Alternatives"

This 1995 review of what is now our Sun-Mar Mobile for boats gives an even-handed review of our product.
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Toronto Star
"People of the Loo"

This 1995 article gives a very good review of our old marketing materials, which hopefully have changed a bit since then (Not Really. -ed.)
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County Life
"Introducing Audrey"

Now we are really hitting the archives - in this 1991 article people give their toilets affectionate names like Audrey, or Puff the Magic Dragon. What will you call your Sun-Mar?
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Click here to read more about Sun-Mar on the web.

Business Traveler Article
Article from Business Traveler which includes 2 of our customers!

Travel.Telegraph Article
A great article on one of our customers.

Cottage Magazine Article
An Article on Sun-Mar from BC's Cottage Magazine