Centrex 3000 NE

The CENTREX 3000 NE (Non-Electric) is the non-electric version of the CENTREX 3000 which is fitted with a 4″ vent stack. This high capacity unit utilizes a continuous flow design for very heavy cottage or medium residential use.

With a continuous flow system, rotation of the drum moves compost along the larger and longer CENTREX 3000 drum, before it drops into the collection housing at the end of the unit. Under normal operating conditions the drum will not have to be turned backwards for emptying.

This unit is for use with a 1 pint, Ultra-low flush toilet, purchased separately. More than one toilet may be installed on this system, depending on needs and available space.

Listed capacities refer to the amount of people, on average, using the unit per day. 

Residential/Continuous 5 adults or families of 7
Seasonal/Vacation8 adults or families of 10


As the CENTREX 3000 NE does not have a built-in heating element or fan, these specifications only pertain to the optional 12 volt 2,4 watt fan*.

Fan Watts: 2.4

* Installation of a 12 Volt fan is optional, but it is recommended for heavy seasonal or residential use

All Sun-Mar products must be properly vented per the guidelines present in the unit’s owner’s manual. 

Vent Pipe4″ Thin-wall PVC

1” OD

Required in all applications.

Measurements are given in pounds (lbs) and inches.

Height:29 1/4″
Width: 27 1/2″
Weight:95 lbs
Shipping weight:135 lbs
Shipping carton dimensions:34″ by 30″ by 62″