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Ultra Low Flush Toilets (Model 510)
Using roughly one pint of water per flush, these
porcelain ultra low flush toilets provide all the
aesthetics of a conventional toilet while minimizing
water usage. Available in white or bone colors and
having a regular sized seat, several toilets can be
installed to a single CENTREX unit. Where additional
height is required for the toilet to gravity feed to the
composting unit, a low profile Model 511 is offered.
CENTREX A/F Waterless Toilet
The A/F waterless toilet offers features similar to
a conventional toilet. Available in white or bone
colors and regular sized seat, this toilet is used with
CENTREX 2000 or CENTREX 3000 units configured
for waterless use. CENTREX A/F toilets are
connected directly above a CENTREX unit.
CENTREX System Toilet Options
Sun-Mar units are designed for easy installation
All Units Include:
• Vent kit
• Starting accessories including Compost Sure bulking agent
• Compost Quick enzyme for cleaning and accelerating composting and Microbe Mix bacteria
• Owner operating and care manual
• Warranty card
Installing the vent stack
All composting units require a vent stack. For details on
possible vent configurations, see sample configurations
illustrated at left.
Sun-Mar recommends an optional 12V fan for non electric
units used in a residential setting or installed with one or
more 45° angles or is in areas subject to downdraft.
Available in:
White Bone
Available in:
White Bone