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Protecting the environment for over 25 years
At Sun-Mar, we are proud of our history
and the role our products play in protecting the environment.
•Sun-Mar toilets are the safest and most environmentally friendly method of waste treatment
•Sun-Mar composting toilets evaporate liquids and compost the solids, so on most models there is absolutely
no output and no contamination of ground water
•Sun-Mar composting toilets have saved over 3.3 billion gallons of water, and counting!
Why use a Sun-Mar composting toilet?
General Benefits
Environmental Benefits
• No Plumbing
• No Pollution
• No Water
• Saves Water
• Odor-Free
• Recycles Nutrients
• Inexpensive Solution
• Little or No Liquid Output
•Composting converts organic matter back to its essential minerals
•Aerobic microbes do this in the presence of moisture and air, by converting
carbon to carbon dioxide gas, and hydrogen to water vapor
•As a result, some 95% of the starting material is evaporated
•The resulting compost is recycled back to nature
Sun-Mar units have no equal!
Sun-Mar is a world leader in composting toilet technology.
•Our unique, patented Bio-drum™ design means fast, odor-free composting
•Sun-Mar toilets are the only ones certified by NSF to NSF/ANSI Standard #41 for residential and cottage use
(most regulators require NSF certification)
•Sun-Mar toilets are designed so that air is constantly being drawn in and up the vent stack providing
odor-free operation
•Sun-Mar toilets are sold by a global network of thousands of dealers
•Sun-Mar’s unique 3 chamber technology means easy operation and maintenance
Sun-Mar Composting Toilets