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Operating a Sun-Mar toilet is simple. Everything you need to get started is included with the unit.
To operate the toilet simply add Sun-Mar’s bulking material and rotate the patented Bio-drum™
Removing compost is quick and easy and is usually only done a few times per year with regular use.
SUN-MAR toilets compost all regular toilet paper
Operating a Sun-Mar
1. The Sun-Mar Bio-drum™ unique advantages
Sun-Mar’s Bio-drum™ has obvious advantages that offer the ideal
environment for composting.
•Tumbling the Bio-drum™ optimizes mixing and aeration and allows for
moisture and oxygen to be evenly distributed throughout the compost
•The Bio-drum™ ensures there is no excess moisture by removing it
automatically and sending it into the evaporating chamber
•The Bio-drum™ is separated from direct heat in the evaporation chamber
so the compost is kept moist thereby accelerating decomposition
•The Bio-drum™ offers unmatched simplicity of operation. To mix and
aerate merely turn the Bio-drum™ handle periodically
•By providing perfect mixing, oxygenation and moisture control, the Bio-
drum™ offers an ideal environment for aerobic bacteria to flourish and
quickly break down organic material
Three Chamber Technology
Composting toilets compost waste, evaporate liquid, and provide
safe and finished compost. Not surprisingly, the conditions needed
for each task are different.
This is why Sun-Mar toilets incorporate a three chamber system that
optimizes ideal conditions in each chamber.