Composting toilet accessories

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Specially selected dried microbes and enzymes designed to start and accelerate composting in all Sun-Mar composting toilet and toilet systems.

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Specially selected natural enzyme solution designed to help aerobic bacteria convert waste to compost. Also very effective as a cleaner for bowl liners (self-contained toilets) or Ultra low flush toilets (Central composting systems)

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Bulking material containing a mix of coarse peat moss, and chopped hemp stalk. Designed to maintain porosity and hold oxygen and moisture in the compost while keeping the compost well supplied with carbon. For self-contained and central waterfree composting toilets.

Bulking material containing 100% chopped hemp stalk. Designed especially for central systems with lowflush toilets. The hemp stalk decomposes while offering porosity and keeps the compost well supplied with carbon.


Compost Magic speeds up composting in GTG composting toilets or any garden composter. Retains Moisture/Provides a Carbon Source/Holds Oxygen/Breaks Up Waste