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Julie Wyatt

Julie Wyatt
Installed in Residence in Pacific Northwest

E-Mail from Julie:

"First, some background. The Main House has a conventional septic system with normal toilets operating therein, etc. However, when I added the art studio (where I now live), I had an opportunity to install the system of my choice: a composting toilet. It is an environmentally sound choice, and it "works" when we're out of power and/or water. (See below.) I might add that I did a lot of research before choosing your Sun-Mar.

I've used your composting toilet on a daily basis for the past five years. There have been cold, rainy, winter days when I've "hated" having to slog out into the woods to bury a wheelbarrow full of compost, but all in all, the toilet has served me well. It is serving me ESPECIALLY WELL at the moment, because our well, like so many others around here, has all but dried up. We're all praying for RAIN! One-third the normal rainfall this past year is not something we're used to dealing with in this (rainy) part of the Northwest! Anyway, I have an operating toilet while others are hauling in water to flush theirs. (grin) I might also add, that your product and your 'service' are absolutely TOPS; I've enjoyed every contact I've had with your company!"

-Julie Wyatt

Julie Wyatt

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