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greg & karen miels

Vermillion Bay, ON

Excel NE (Non-Electric)

Letter from Greg & Karen

Our experience with our Sun-Mar non-electric composting toilet has been nothing but positive. What a great idea! We would & do recommend this system to anyone who needs an alternative to the conventional septic system.

Our cabin is located on a 4 acre island on Eagle Lake near Vermilion Bay, Ontario. We built the cabin in the early spring, taking advantage of the ice cover to transport the materials to the island. We were inspected by the local building inspector and by the inspector from the districts' Health Unit. They both took one look at the Sun-Mar & inspection in that area was ended. To say they were happy with our choice was an understatement. "Its the way of the future" we were told. We agree.

Enclosed are pictures of our cabin, our Sun-Mar and of course us. Again - we are very satisfied with the product and with the service we received from the service department when we had questions. It has been a positive experience throughout.

-Greg & Karen Miels







Excel NE Composting Toilet

Greg & Karen Miels

The Miel's Cabin