Centrex 2000 Composting Toilet System

Full Installation showing Diffuser
Sun-Mar Composting Toilets

Centrex 2000

Ontario, Canada

"I have attached some more pics from our installation of the Centrex 2000 on Kawagama Lake in Dorset (Algonquin Highlands), Ontario. These pictures include the recycling bed installed to specifications provided by Sun-Mar. The bed blends well with the terrain and adds another
conversation piece to the property.

As a first time user of an environmental toilet and being very sensitive about effluent in our lake, this system seems to make good sense as an alternative. The one-pint flush Sealand toilet looks like a regular toilet and fits quite nicely in a small bathroom. My first load of "compost" is ready to be spread this weekend (Thanksgiving) and I know my company will enjoy the entertainment. Come Spring, I can't wait to
see the harvest of our efforts. We will be calling this first product our "International Blend" as many different countries are represented (Ireland, Turkey, Grand Cayman, Canada) and have contributed their efforts to our project. Many laughs have been had this summer at the uniqueness of our privy and the wonderful view to be had while in operation. We would be happy to have anyone hesitating about installing
such a system, to view ours (everyone else has). After all, Nature does call ...

John and Nancy

Centrex 2000 Composting Toilet Systems