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john dunbar

John Dunbar
Operations Manager Hardy Bay Club

Centrex-NE (Current Equivalent Centrex 1000 NE)
Installed at Hardy Bay Club, Cottage community near Noelville, Ontario, Canada

(Letter from Mr. Dunbar - the bolds are ours, the words are theirs)

The Hardy Bay Club is located on an island in the French River in central Ontario. It has no hydro-electric power and is essentially a large tree covered rock. There are at present fourteen cabins that are owned by members, five guest cabins and a main lodge. The members cabins are in most cases approximately 400 square feet (a restriction imposed due to the size of the island mostly). We relied for many years on a central washroom and shower facility with holding tanks that required frequent pump outs.

The man on the left in the photograph is Mike Doherty, a past president of the club, and it was he that brought a video of your product to our annual general meeting. He is also the most recent member to purchase a composting toilet for the cabin which he and his wife Linda inherited after the passing of her mother. His prior cabin is now being used by their children. Mike and I (the other man in the photo) installed it this spring with some assistance from Mike's friend as I had recently had shoulder surgery and was mostly in advisory capacity. I was the first to install a Centrex NE 1000 in our cabin about five years ago. My wife and I did the installation ourselves - it is that easy.

The number of units on the island has now reached seven NE 1000 and two of the larger industrial or commercial units (I do not recall the model number or name) at the central washroom and shower facilities. The water from the showers and sinks is handled by a small septic field.

These units have eliminated the need for expensive and potentially damaging - environmentally speaking - pump outs from the old holding tanks (which we have removed from the island). The other photo is of my composting unit under the edge of our cabin. All the units use the low-water flush toilets as seen in the first photo.

We, as a group, are extremely satisfied with the performance and simplicity of these units. The benefits to the environment are well worth the cost. I would recommend this product to anyone with a cabin, cottage, or camp that has a problem with installing a proper septic field or has no electricity (although electric models are available). This product eliminates the need for a septic field. When I empty my drum I just add the composted material to our vegetable compost pile for further decomposition.

Thank you from all of us for a wonderful product that really works!!

Regards John Dunbar




John Dunbar and Mike Dougherty

Centrex 1000 NE Composting Toilet System At Hardy Bay