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the greenwoods

Healey Lake, Ontario
Centrex 1000

The Greenwoods installed their Centrex 1000 along with a handsome Sealand 510 in the bathroom. Its one of the many Sun-Mar units installed on this lake. In a typical "word of mouth" sequence, the skeptical neighbors closely watched the first Sun-Mar unit for several years before adopting it.

One of these interested observers, Shirley Martin, finally had another Centrex 1000 user (her neighbor) put in a unit for her. Shirley spends all summer at her cottage and is typically enthusiastic about her Sun-Mar. "I really love it", said Shirley, "its so much better than the old outhouse, especially when I'm here alone".









The Greenwoods in front of their Cottage

Sealand 910 in Bathroom

WCM Composting Toilet System Under Cottage