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 Excel NE Composting Toilet

Obviously no odor - you can sleep on that!

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The Ecolodge Rendez-Vous is located in a moist tropical climate at almost 1,700 ft elevation. It consists of a restaurant and 12 guest cottages that each sleep up to 4 persons. We have equipped 2 cottages with the EXCEL NE composting toilets and the remaining 10 with CENTREX NE systems and a Sealand 1-pint flush toilet. The only reason we switched from the EXCEL to the CENTREX system was that some guests had a slight problem with the height of the EXCEL and the “visual” impact of the drum’s content. The latter is really an “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” aspect and it doesn’t bother all guests.

Both systems work beautifully and require very little maintenance. We turn the CENTREX units twice a week and use the compost for fruit trees and flower beds. We have the gravel leach field under the concrete slab that supports the unit. This prevents the leach field from in-filling with soil during heavy rains. The concrete slabs are slightly slanted to create better drainage of liquids. So far, we have had no problems with non-biodegradable objects in the toilets and our guests are entirely happy with the product. As we are totally dependent upon rainwater collected in cisterns for all our water supply, the water saving aspect is extremely important to us.

Tom van’t Hof


Sealand 510 Toilet attached to Centrex-NE Composting Toilet System

Happy Composters at Rest

Cottage in Trees