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john & karin D.

Sullivan County Catskills, NY

WCM, Installed 1991 (compatible unit Centrex 1000)
Centrex 2000

After 10 years of faithful service, it was time to retire our WCM. We had been "stretching" the limits of the design - with a little more traffic than it was intended to handle. Since it had come to be in nearly continuous use, we always had to consider the WCM composter limitations when having guests visit. The answer was to upgrade to a Centrex 2000, which has added capacity, and can handle all the traffic we expect.

The one-man installation went quickly and smoothly - out of the box, the Centrex 2000 slid easily into place on the concrete pad we had poured for the WCM over 10 years ago; with its lower profile, it looks even better, and allowed for a true 45° pitch for the waste pipe. I had planned a complete replacement of the 3" soil pipe from the toilet flange to the Centrex 2000. With all fittings on hand, the waste pipe install was very straightforward. Based on the design drawings, and the space limitations on site, my initial concern had been routing the vent pipe, which had to cross in front of the bio-drum access door to connect with the existing vent pipe. Using only the 2" pipe and fittings provided in the installation kit, I was able to run the vent without blocking the access door.

Start to finish, it took about 2 hours to complete the installation of the Centrex 2000 and adapt it to the existing plumbing. We look forward to many more years of use.

-John D.