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Excel Customer Testimonials
From a scary outhouse.. to luxury!

Blanding, Utah

Chesapeake Bay cabin- another outhouse to luxury story!
Installed at his residence in Oregon.

Powell Butte, Oregon
Nancy's second Excel - a residential Sun-Mar user for 15 years!

Glaslyn, Saskatchewan
Ease of emptying a surprise!

Red Deer, Alberta
The invention of the 20th Century according to Hanley!

Young's Cove, New Brunswick, Canada
Short but sweet - good views of the small building Jim built for his Sun-Mar.

Ontario, Canada

A unit from 1983.

Baptiste Lake, Ontario

After they got back from Florida the Udrows loved using the compost for their garden.

Healey Lake, Ontario

No odor in this BC installation!

Quesnel, British Columbia,

Without the sewage permit that they got with the Sun-Mar, they could not have built their cabin.

Alleghany National Forest, Pennsylvania, USA

Another odorless system - and their reason for buying a cabin!

Crystal Lake, Wyoming

Jacquelyn has lots to say about her Sun-Mar! Click on the photo to find out more.

Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada


Notre première testimoniaux en Français!

Chalet en Québec,
An Excel installed near the world's highest tides!

Minas Basin, Nova Scotia, Canada
Another happy Ontario cottager!

Ontario, Canada

This bed and breakfast is quite boastful of their Sun-Mar!

Stirling, Ontario,

The whole Ryan clan gives our Excel the thumbs up!

Low, Québec
A residential installation with a greenhouse that handles greywater!

Duluth, Minnesota

Another outhouse user converted!

Cranberry Lake, New York

The flowers grow well at the Ondich's!

Cabin in Minnesota
The Bigelows enjoyed their WCM central system so much that they put in an Excel.

Island Camp, Maine, USA
Cost efficiency and saving the environment? Does anything make more sense?

Santa Fe Lake, Moline, Kansas, USA
Colin has a very cool cottage installation with a deluxe garden shed as the outhouse.

Powell Lake, Ontario,
The Marchands were very happy to not have to buy a septic tank!

Cottage, Nova Scotia
Installed at the Brown residence in Iowa.

Iowa, USA
John appreciates the odorless operation of his Excel.

Apsey Lake, Espanola,
Ontario, Canada
The Excel composting toilet allows Donna an extended stay at her cabin.

Ruidoso, New Mexico

The Bates kicking back and enjoying at their cottage.

Kenora, Ontario

No septic permit needed at this cabin!

Lake Buteau, Wisconsin, USA
The McWilliams recommend the Excel to everyone!

Tweed, Ontario, Canada




No muss and no fuss make Ruth Cartwright a happy customer!

Cottage Boathouse, Ontario
The ladies and grandkids love it!

Mountain Cabin, Colorado,


Excel Non-Electric Composting Toilets
Steve's experience led 4 other Cape Codders to switch to Sun-Mar Composting Toilets!

Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Stephen of Ventana Windsurf in Mexico loves offering his guests the convenience of the Sun-Mar.

Bed & Breakfast, Mexico


Survived 3 bear visits into camp. No #$%#!

Lake Huron, Ontario, Canada
Everyone loves to try this composting toilet!

Cabin in California, USA
The Godseys enjoy the luxury of an indoor toilet at their hunting cabin.

Residence, Wisconsin Northwoods, USA
Our composting toilet is odor free at this California cabin!

Cecilville, California
No odor, no fuss, no water. The step was no problem!

Battle Ground, Indiana
Linda has a Mother Nature friendly home that includes an Excel-NE!

Homestead, New York
The Miels' were told that this was the "way of the future" - we agree!

Eagle Lake, Vermillion Bay, Ontario, Canada
No mess, no smell, no outhouse.

Seeley's Bay, Ontario
This Wilderness Lodge had over 10 units installed.

Ottawa Valley, Ontario
"Buying the composting toilet was one of our wisest purchases."

Lake Vermillion, Minnesota
Proud Proudfoot Lake Composting Toilet owners.

Proudfoot Lake, Ontario

The Johnson's call this the "Superloo". We sure do think its super!

Beachburg, Ontario

Works like a charm!

Camp, Ontario
Another easy to install, easier to maintain! We seem to be batting 1000 with these points!

Cabin, Pittsburg
New Hampshire, USA
This non-electric toilet is installed at 7500 feet in Colorado.

Mountain Cabin, Colorado
Morning walks to the shed are part of life!

Residence, Southern Colorado
The Glads are "Glad" about their composter!

Summer Camp, Ontario
This a truly outdoors installation!

California Delta
An indoor toilet with no water and no electricity!

Lake of Many Islands, Ontario, Canada
"Easy to install, easier to maintain"

Cabin, New York State



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