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birch pond lodge

Birch Pond Lodge

Birch Pond Lodge
Excel AC/DC's
Installed at Eco-Resort Lodge


Birch Pond Lodge uses your products and has figured out how to keep a composting toilet working year round in an off the grid cabin which sees winter temps to -40 F. We also have been pleased to have been selected one of the top 10 eco-lodges in the world by Outside Magazine,25 great eco-lodges in an article in Travel & Leisure, July 2003. I thought I would pass along this good news to your firm.

We are located 70 miles north of Anchorage, Alaska and our cabins overlook pristine lakes and ponds. Using Sun-Mar composting toilets has solved the problem of disturbing the ground for a septic tank and drain field and eliminated the possibility of contamination of our lakes and ponds. Our concern was finding a way to keep the composter working in winter in a stand alone cabin which is not always occupied and thus not always heated. We solved this by building a well insulated bathroom within the cabin which is heated when necessary using a direct vent propane heater. In future cabins we will experiment by designing in some solar heat gain where siting allows to minimize the propane use.

We chose to purchase your product (Excel AC/DC) knowing we would have some problems to solve. Happily we can report these problems solved. We rarely use the AC or DC as the unit functions well so long as the bathroom stays above 50 and our cabin design has the venting exiting at the roof peak and this creates sufficient draft in most

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Thanks for supplying a good product.

Best regards,

Bill Royce
Birch Pond Lodge



Birch Pond Lodge Cabin

View from the Canoe

Alaskan Wilderness

Guests and Shack

Canoeing in the Pristine Alaskan Waters