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Big bucks lodge

Douglas & Cyndy Waild
Mike & Sue Wohleben - owners of "Big Bucks Lodge"
Centrex 2000
Installed at Alma, NY

We installed the Centrex 2000 last fall and just moved the compost to the finishing drawer a year later. The unit works better than we expected. Our camp is on a hill and the cost of a septic system was in the $8000.00 range. We use our camp every weekend and for extended weeks in the summer and fall. The unit performs perfectly with no odor and with the 510 toilet, very little water. We installed the unit in a couple of hours. The instructions were precise and easy to follow. Thanks for making our camp a place we can enjoy for years to come.




Centrex 2000 Composting Toilet System

Sealand 510 Low Flush Toilet