City of Syracuse Protects Lake Skaneateles with Watershed Management
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Lake Skaneateles , located in the Finger Lakes region of New York State, has a surface area of 13.6 square miles and a 59 square mile watershed. It is one of the few remaining unfiltered drinking water supplies left in the United States. It supplies the drinking water to the City of Syracuse, with a population of 160,000, and many small villages and water districts along 54 miles of water conduits which flow to reservoirs within the City.

Through an intensive watershed management program involving complex technologies to manage agricultural, residential, and commercial waste, the City of Syracuse water department protects this precious resource.

Since 1881, Lake Skaneateles has also been a paradise for cottagers. It goes without saying that the ecology of Lake Skaneateles, and the continued purity of the drinking water for Syracuse, depend upon the waste management practices on the lake. Up until now, residents have relied upon the pail service, where fresh waste was being collected and brought to a central holding tank. Now, instead of collecting fresh waste, Syracuse city workers are collecting safe compost.