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Fred & Doreen Stephenson

Fred & Doreen Stephenson
Installed in cottage in Malachi, ON

Thirty-six years ago my husband and I purchased an old cottage at Malachi Ontario. After 17 years of cottage enjoyment with our young family – “Major” renovations were under way – with plans to include the luxury of an indoor bathroom, (complete with toilet!) Next – what type of toilet to install? With family discussions we chose the “Sun-Mar composting toilet.” With the skills and expertise of our family we now are fortunate to have a luxurious bathroom. Attaining the end result we give sincere thanks to Sun-Mar's Service department and representatives from Kenora Home Building Centre for their expertise and friendly manner to ensure the maximum efficiency of the toilet.

We endorse the environment friendly product and capable service provided by Sun Mar and staff. Enclosed are recent photos of the Centrex.

Thank-you, Sincerely Fred and Doreen Stephenson