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Tim Rondeau

Tim Rondeau
Installed in cottage in West Hawk Lake, MB

The picture of our cottage at West Hawk Lake, Manitoba is taken from the boat at the end of our dock. As you see our property is steep and close to the water.

For those reasons as well as the fact that the property is only boat accessible your product was a perfect solution. (You can also see why visiting youngsters call it the "tree house").

A low volume flush cottage toilet is used in the bathroom. I was able to maintain a straight drop into the central, unit this helps with winter use. Because I have not yet finished my bathroom you can see the vent pipe in the wall cavity.

The pictures of your product show it mounted under the floor joists of the cottage. I chose to hang it from a platform simply because I have a great deal of height under the cottage.

You can see I set it on a piece of foam insulation in case I would later have to enclose the unit to maintain warmth. This however has never been necessary.

The picture of the white sign in my bathroom is my way of maintaining a properly functioning unit even when first time guests arrive. The yellow sign (poem) was written by the parents of our best friends (two doors down) who were visiting shortly after we both installed your products (ed. note - click on the pic below to bring up a readable version of their poem). (The writers names are John & Pat Gray, from Wpg.).

The only problem I ever had is youngsters resting their foot on the pedal and overdoing it with the water. After this happens it only takes a few days for the system to get back to normal compost.

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