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O. Meawasige

O. Meawasige
Excel NE
Installed at camp on Lake Huron

We have a true "camp" -- a deluxe tent in the bush (see picture at right) on Lake Huron. No running water, no electricity. We didn't want to build an outhouse so I researched toilets. The Sun-Mar Excel Non Electric seemed to fit the bill. My husband was hesitant, thinking that it would smell! Not only did it not smell, but it survived three bear visits INTO our camp! The bears wrecked EVERYTHING -- but were not attracted to the toilet -- it didn't smell! It works so well that I didn't even realize that I wasn't using the proper start-up procedure in the Spring -- I happened to be reviewing the manual when I discovered the fact! Even when I empty the compost there is no smell -- it only enhances the environment and DOES NOT attract animals.

My husband works in Environmental and is now so convinced of its benefit that he recommends it for any eco-tourist site -- environmentally friendly and NO SMELL!


The Camp

Bush Master!