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Mike Manoukian

Mike Manoukian
WCM (Current equivalent Centrex 1000)
Installed in cottage in Ontario

Mike Manoukian is a devout believer in his Sun-Mar toilet. He is very proud to be one of our first customers, with his original unit in prime running condition. We are very proud of Mike's WCM as well!

He stopped by our showroom with pictures and told us all about how his Sun-Mar WCM has been used and abused since the mid-1980's, and how happy he is with it. The following is just some of what he had to say:

"Someone is at my cottage constantly, and I have had up to 15-20 visitors with no problems. There are normally at least six people there. It is almost impossible to put a septic system in on my property - it is way too expensive."

Mike's situation is sure illustrative of what we mean when we say that our capacities are conservative!

Manoukian's bathroom

The Manoukian WCM