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The Only Self-Contained Composting Toilet

to Be Listed With NSF Standard 41-1999

The Sun-Mar Excel was the first self-contained composting toilet in the world to be tested and listed with NSF (the National Sanitation Foundation) in 1989.

Currently all of Sun-Mar's central systems (any member of the Centrex family) and the Excel model are listed and certified with NSF.

At present, Sun-Mar is only one of two companies certified and listed with NSF under Standard 41; the other is Clivus Multrum, who manufacture large scale commercial systems. Click here to see the official NSF listings under Standard 41, from NSF's website.

Only products certified and listed by NSF may bear the NSF mark (at right), which is required by many regulatory bodies to prove that the unit, indeed, meets the NSF 41 standard.

Click here to see/download a copy of the NSF Test Report for the Sun-Mar Excel.

Click here to see/download a copy of our newest approval for all Sun-Mar central composting systems.

Massachusetts Approval - Title 5

This approval is necessary in the state of Massachusetts
on top of NSF Standard 41-1999 certification in order for
composting toilets to be installed in Massachusetts.

To qualify, the company's products must first be certified to NSF Standard 41-1999, and submit to further review
from the State of Massachusetts.

We are proud to announce that all of our NSF
certified and listed units are now approved under
Title 5 for installation in Massachusetts. See or download a copy of this approval.

United States Coast Guard Approved:

Approval# 159.015/1081/0

The Sun-Mar Mobile Family were the first composting toilets recognized as a Type III MSD by the USCG. Copy of United States Coast Guard Letter of Approval available upon request.

Its Official - Sun-Mar Toilet Systems are The

Best Quality You Can Buy!!

While we are satisfied by all of our certifications, we have a certain pride in this one. Sun-Mar is the only composting toilet company to have our fibreglass system components produced in an ISO-9002/QS 9000 certified production facility. This essentially means that we are officially committed to quality and making the best product that we possibly can. Click here for the article on our production facility's certification.

Composting Toilet Systems are CSA certified

for electrical features under CSA file number



Member of The Ontario Onsite Wastewater Association
Proud Member of the Ontario Onsite Wastewater Association

National Sanitation Foundation - Standard 41

United States Coast Guard Approved Type 3 MSD

Electrical Features Certified Under CSA File Number LR55925