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Geoff Johnson

Geoff Johnson
Seasonal cabin in Ontario, near Beachburg

We would like you to consider the attached picture of what has been dubbed the Superloo for use on your Web site. The compost toilet replaced Ye Olde Outhouse at our weekend cottage at the beginning of the summer, and has attracted so much interest we considered setting up turnstiles and charging for a guided tour! Once we had learned how to achieve the correct moisture level (a matter of trial and error) the system has performed very well. For the most part there are only two or three of us at the cottage but we have had groups of as many as eight on long weekends. I was relieved (nice choice of word!) to find that the system coped very well. In fact, we have been surprised at the bulk -- or lack of it -- so far. Any one considering a composting toilet needs to understand that that it requires a little nurturing. In return, it pays great dividends. And it sure beats Ye Olde Outhouse. We look forward to a place in the Toilet Hall of Fame...

(picture shows my wife Maureen showing off the composting toilet in its palatial home at our cottage, located in whitewater rafting country near Beachburg, Ontario, 100 miles west of Ottawa. We live just outside Ottawa, in the village of Manotick.)