Brian Hodgson - French River, ON
(compatible model Centrex 1000 NE)


Fax from Brian Hodgson

We purchased from the Barrie Co-Op a Sun-Mar Centrex NE Unit, and installed it at our cabin at the Hardy Bay Club on the Upper French River this Spring.

Hardy Bay Club has a membership of 14 with each member having their own cabin. Since we have installed the unit one other member has installed the same unit and three more have placed orders.

We are extremely pleased with our Centrex NE and please feel free to use us as references.

Hardy Bay Club is situated on a island and currently uses holding tanks for sewage which must be pumped out and hauled away by barge.

I have been asked by the Club to provide a proposal with costs to install Composting Toilets for the Club facilities. These will replace the toilets and holding tanks.

(Fax continues to give specs and ask for quote on these systems).

-Brian Hodgson