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Bill Hart

Bill Hart
Excel NE
Installed at Cabin in Pittsburg N.H.

I have included 3 pictures of the Excel NE that we installed. This cabin is located in Pittsburg N.H. 5 miles from the nearest power. The toilet was installed to add convenience to our family. Versus an out house, the unit performed great for weekend use for our family of three, however as more people came to enjoy the lake, and peace and quiet, we found that odor from liquids was noticeable.

After a very helpful phone conversation with Sun-Mar tech rep, we tried extending the vent pipe, and ordered a vent fan kit,which with battery, solar panels etc was installed this spring. I would like to announce that we have had 3 to as many as 5 persons using the toilet for a 2 week period and weekends in between with no odor, and a great operating system. This system was extremely easy to install and even easier to maintain.

The Hart Cabin

Bill's Excel NE