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Marie & Bob Frantz

Marie & Bob Frantz
Cabin in Blairmore, Alberta, Canada

We bought a Sun-Mar Compact when we began to build a new home in a small town located over 100 miles away from where we are currently living. This house is by and large a weekend project for us.

We quickly realized it would be a problem to have to use our limited time at the building site driving to a public restroom or disturbing the neighbors to use their bathrooms. So we built a very small camping shed (8 ft. by 8 ft.) and installed the Sun-Mar in one corner of it. Problem solved!

The bed in our camping shed is only 2 feet away from the Sun-Mar which is situated behind a partial wooden partition. We were a bit concerned at first that there might be an odor problem but there has never been so much as a whiff out of our Sun-Mar. Also it operates so quietly that we are barely aware of it -- very much appreciated after a hard day of sawing and nailing. We can honestly say that the only time we were disturbed by an odor was the night a skunk decided to rummage around underneath the camping shed. Ugh!
Sorry we can't send you a photo of our Sun-Mar but as you can see from the photo taken outside our camping shed, there just isn't enough room in there to get a good shot of it.

You'll have to take our word for it that it's sitting there quiet and odor-free, just inside the door to the left.
We're still trying to decide whether to move the Sun-Mar into the house when it's completed or leave it where it is so we can offer overnight guests a rather unique accommodation. (The camping shed is warm and cozy and will look pretty good when we finally put the siding on it.)

Marie and Bob Frantz






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