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Hilltop pastures

Photo #1:
Dedicated to the memory of Thomas Crapper, the British Sanitary Engineer who, as far back as Victorian times, invented the flushing toilet. My wife (Didi) and I consider our little outhouse to be the most luxurious in Canada!

A former linesman's insulated tool shed, the outhouse and Sun-Mar Excel compost toilet has become quite a feature on our three acre Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) certified organic vegetable farm.

Hilltop Pastures (Nr. Stirling Ontario) serves as a great "getaway" bed & breakfast for stressed out "Torontonians" who want to breathe some pure country air, check out nature, moon, stars and campfire evenings.
Guests often participate in harvesting the garden bounty which includes fresh organic free range eggs, jams and honey from our bees - all of which help to make a hearty, healthy breakfast to start the day.

Please take the time to visit our web site at www.hilltoppastures.com for more information about our B&B.

Photo #3:
The inscription on the door provides the
ignorant with curiosity and the educated, a topic for conversation - albeit at times laced with a certain amount of humour!

Photo #4:
The Sun-Mar Excel, carpet tile flooring, wall paper, pink vent, magazine rack and window blinds - together all add comfort to a necessary daily occupation!

Photo #5:
There is also a hand basin (gray water is
collected under the sink and used in the garden) watering can (without rose) and towel rack. An oil heater provides ample warmth to allow the Sun-Mar toilet to be used well into fall and early winter.

Photo #6:
Toilet paper and kitchen catcher for storing the Compost Sure bulking material - conveniently placed under the white toilet paper roll.

Photo# 7:
Shelves store composting accessories.



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