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Lawson cannon, dc

Centrex 2000 NE & Excel NE
Honululu, Hawaii

Earth Day

Although I live near an urban area, with city utilities available, as a social and environmental statement I choose to live "off the grid" with solar power and recycled waste. I process my blackwater with Sun-Mar's Centrex 2000 NE composting toilet system. I started with another manufacturer's product, but it failed within a few months. I have enjoyed my Sun-Mar system for 5 years now. I appreciate its simplicity and reliability. I am able to process waste from 3 low-flush toilets that feed the biodrum which is located in a walk-in space under the house. The staff at Sun-Mar has been extremely knowledgeable and helpful. When small problems arise they offer expert advice at no charge and supplies at a reasonable fee. In fact, I am so pleased with Sun-Mar's products and service that when I built a guest cottage, I installed a Sun-Mar Excel NE whose performance is flawless. Thank you so much for your fine products, friendly service, and longstanding dedication to living in harmony with Mother Earth.

Lawson Cannon, DC
Honululu, Hawaii





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