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Luc & Hilde Fournier

Luc & Hilde Fourneir
Installed in cabin in Guérin, Quebec

Our Compact was installed at our cottage in Guérin, Quebec. When we installed it we found that it was a mite too long. So, because the bathroom is 4' by 8', and because the 4' bathtub is against the far end, we solved the problem by cutting a hole in hte wall and protruding the back of the unit in an adjoining room. This is also what we had to do with the bathtub, it is also recessed by 1 1/2".

In the above mentioned room we built a fully enclosed shelf. This shelf is easily removed to get at the back of the Composter and the bathtub.

We treat the compost obtained like any other compost, it goes into a composter near the garden, garden soil is added to it in layers. When removed later, it is spread around the base of shrubs and small trees. The result is very positive.

The 1/2" emergency hose is always connected in case of excess liquid.

--Luc & Hilde Fournier

Cottage of Luc & Hilde Fournier with 3 guests. Lac des Quinze, Quebec

Bathroom, cottage of Luc & Hilde Fournier